Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Best People in the World by Justin Tussing

So while I was reading this I kept having a strong sense of déjà-vu, even though I was sure I hadn't read any books before about a kid in high school who runs away with his teacher and a random homeless guy to live as squatters in Vermont in the early 70s.

But then I realized that basically it's a combination of three Basic Plots:
a) Let's Move to the Middle of Nowhere and Live Off the Land
b) We Don't Get Along With (or Have) Our Own Families So Let's Make Our Own
c) It All Ended Badly But First Let Me Tell You How Beautiful It Was While It Lasted

Sigh. I really kind of hated this book, but the first chapter, where he describes the power plant where the kid has a summer job? So good. Really.

So okay, Justin Tussing. You're a good writer, and you've gotten your "first novel" off your chest. Now go write something more interesting, less sentimental, and preferably including killer robots. Thanks.


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